This woman emptied her wallet into a homeless man’s cup. Once she reached home she almost exploded.

Billy Ray could not sell the ring, he felt it was not right. After a moment of hesitation, Billy Ray left the shop with the ring. The next day, Sarah Darling was still desperately looking for Billy Ray and found him at the corner where the homeless man usually sat. Sarah went nervously up to Billy Ray and asked him if he remembered her. He did and took her ring out of his bag.


Out of gratitude Sarah and her fiancé raised a campaign to collect money for Billy Ray. The touching story moved many people and in a short time the happy couple had raised astonishing $200, 000. The good deed also brought attention to Billy Ray´s siblings in Texas. Billy Ray had lost contact to his family for 16 years, his siblings had believed he had died. After the long separation, Billy Ray and his siblings could be reunited.